A Hat for Boo

I have a second official 2007 Finished Object:

Yes that would be another hat. Why is it that I feel like I knit all the time but all I have to show for the first quarter of 2007 are two hats? Most people can do a hat in like two days. Me? Three months. Hmm.

Truth is, of course, that I’m working on lots of things, just nothing is actually finished, or I haven’t taken pictures of it. So rest assured I am actually quite happily knitting; hopefully there will be a burst of picture taking and finishing soon! Boo’s cabled Robin Hood Jacket is just missing buttons, and my newsboy cap just lacks pictures. Plus I have two felted items that just need felting. So! Happily knitting away, seriously.

And finally, my favorite picture of Boo’s hat. He loves checking himself out in the mirror lately. He actually asked for this hat, saying he wanted one like Daddy’s, but in red. How cute is that?

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  1. tania says:

    man that’s a cutie! 🙂

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