Butterfly Cards

I’ve been having the urge to make some spring cards, and I wanted to use butterflies. I don’t know why, I just really like this one butterfly stamp I had. But try as I might, I could NOT come up with a decent layout. I just had shitloads of butterflies.

And then I got this gigantic, huge, fabulous flower stamp. Behold!

The red one is my favorite, but the color is off in the photo.

This is funny because the red was the one I thought wasn’t working out, then when I didn’t like the harsh straight lines on the pink one (to the right) I decided to try ripping on the red one to see how it looked. And it looked great. Who knew?

Okay so these aren’t the best thing ever, but since it took so long to find something that worked with my butterflies at ALL, I am very pleased.

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