And now for something cheerier: Hobo project bag!

One of my sewing projects is to make a few project bags for my knitting. I have two bags at the moment, one I felted and one was a gift, that I use constantly. But they are small — perfect for socks, not so much for sweaters. So anything bigger gets a plastic bag. Which, while functional, is kind of noisy in a crinkly way, and just not all that crafty.

So! Having a coupon for a newly opened quilting store in Ballard, I decided I needed to make a larger project bag. And here she is!

It’s based on a bag I saw at Target and liked the looks of. Quick scan of it showed that it had a seam down the middle and was the same piece of fabric across the two sides. I’ve never seen that before and thought it looked neat. The idea stayed in my head so that’s what I did.

When the bag was partly sewn together I realized that the opening was really gaping. So I added some pleats. I am incredibly impressed with myself about this!

And of course the funniest part… the fabric on the inside! I wasn’t crazy about the coordinating fabrics at the store so just looked around for something fun, and saw the ‘Brassiere’ fabric. Hehe! Who makes fabric that talks about breasts?! So of course I had to get it. The bag is even reversible should I ever get brazen enough to flip it inside out. It just makes me giggle. It’s like having on fancy underwear even though nobody else knows.

Of course I screwed up in a few places. The biggest was that I sewed the middle seams on the inner and outer fabrics first, then the handle, then I thought all I had left was to sew around the outside edges leaving a hole to flip everything inside out and voila! Bag! Well, not so simple — for reasons I still don’t entirely understand when I flipped it inside out the handle was on the inside. *Ahem* So I ended up cutting the handle, then flipping, the resewing the handle. The handle doesn’t look as nice now. But oh well, now I know! It is, after all, just for me. No biggie. I also didn’t do the pleats mirror image on the inside, but I can fix that for next time. Oh and it’s a little shallower and wider than I was envisioning.

Otherwise? Totally love it. Fits my project sweater nicely and it’s really pretty. Love it love it love it. Next up? A tote style bag with a pocket to carry a magazine for when I’m making something out of one since I can never get my butt to a copy shop to make copies. Clever, eh? Maybe one of these days I’ll be adventurous and add pockets.

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