The Greens, take one

A long time ago, my friend Erin gave me some lovely green yarn. A long time ago I also made a green poncho, sans fringe because I thought it would make a good nursing cover. I’ve since added the fringe, after a small delay when I ran out of yarn, so it’s done. (By the way — April 2005 to fall of 2006? Wow. That’s a long time.) I’ve never photographed the finished products for these because I was waiting to finish my green lacey summer cardigan so I could post this lovely post about all my lovely green things.

Well. The cardigan is not done. I hope to hell it gets done this summer. It was done, but it was too short, so now I’m lengthening it.

So then I thought, what the hell, let’s photograph the other two together because they do look good. However.. as plans often go awry around the Boo, here’s what ultimately happened to this photographic venture:

Yah.. I’ll be photographing them for real sometime soon 🙂 Thanks for the yarn though, Erin, I love the scarf! I call it the “moss scarf” because it really reminds me, unsurprisingly, of moss! Apparently the boy likes it too…

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