CPH swatches take one!

CPH == Central Park Hoodie

I went on and on a bit too much about swatches a few days ago. Today I have pictures of the two swatches I did, about which I am mystified and amazed at just how different yarn can be. Witness:

The yarns are as follows:

Yarn: Classic Elite Skye Tweed in Grampian Purple
Materials: 100% wool
Needles: Clover Bamboo size 7
Gauge: 17 stitches and 24 rows = 4″ (This is gauge for CPH btw!)

Yarn: Rowan Summer Tweed in Jardinier (At least I think that’s the color, it might be Sprig.)
Materials: 70% silk/30% cotton
Needles: Clover Bamboo size 7
Gauge: 15.5 stitches and 23 rows = 4″

I am STUNNED by how different they look together. I mean just LOOK AT THAT CABLE. You can hardly see it on the Summer Tweed!

Now the Summer Tweed is gorgeous in stockinette, I think. I didn’t really like working with it though. It was both too smooth and too sticky and too stiff all at the same time. Don’t ask me how that’s possible. I do like the finished product, just definitely not for anything that calls for stitch definition!

The Skye Tweed though is an entirely different story.

All of the stitches really pop. The color is beautiful (it’s a deeper purple with more maroon flecks than what the picture shows). And, the big question, is it soft? It’s not bad. It felt like a brillo pad before washing, but it wasn’t too unpleasant to knit with. And washed, it’s soft and plump. I tied the swatch around my wrist (H thought I had seriously injured myself!) and it didn’t bother me. It wasn’t soft soft, but it wasn’t driving me nuts either.

Conclusion? I think the Skye Tweed may be a winner, especially since I have a boatload of it now. I do have the urge to swatch several other yarns to compare since this little experiment astonished me so much, but I don’t think I’m in any huge rush. Weeeellll.. honestly I’d love to do it right this second, but I don’t think I should spend the money quite yet. There are at least two other cabled cardis I would love to make so I think I’ll swatch more extensively with them! The CPH is really more of an experiment to get me into sweater-making and, more importantly, learning how to adjust a sweater pattern to fit me!

Besides, how can I wait to dive right in and start knitting?? 🙂

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