Space Invader Socks

I just opened Knitty’s new spring issue and DAMN if there aren’t Space Invader Socks!

When I first saw the Pac-Man Socks, that was my first thought: Wow, how cool is that, and wouldn’t that would be particularly cool with Space Invaders? And lo, someone else beat me to it, which is not a huge surprise in the slightest, and kicked out some charts. Whee!

I wouldn’t do them precisely as this pattern calls for, mostly because I want to do them for H and I can’t quite see him being down with the stripes and critters all up and down his ankles (unless of course he wants them that way!). I was envisioning more a row of critters at the top with the spaceship ankle-wise and that’s pretty much it. My guy isn’t much overly big on decoration.

Still, I’m excited as Aija Goto has saved me some time and effort. Thank you Aija and Knitty!

ETA: Wil Wheaton totally agrees! With the cool space invader socks at least 🙂

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2 Responses to Space Invader Socks

  1. mshellion says:

    I have never wanted to knit so bad in all my life.

  2. Carrie says:

    I call that Mission Accomplished 😉

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