Inspirational socks and felted superwash!

I’m trying to figure out how to knit socks. Partly because they just look so cool, but also because I crave socks that fit! I should take a picture of how socks usually look on me. It ain’t pretty, and although I’m used to it, it’s not altogether comfortable either. Usually I prefer sockless if that’s an option, for some of these reasons (the others being that a) I love sandals and think they look stupid with socks, and b) I have very sweaty feet. TMI? :).

Store-bought women’s socks are generally too small. The heel is on the underside of my foot, and if there’s any sort of ribbing for the cuff, the ribbing starts about halfway up the back of my heel. Men’s socks are too big — I know this because if I’m being lazy, I tend to wear H’s because his are downstairs and mine are not (although currently rectifying that). So I’m in some wierd in-between sock universe.

Then I made my own socks. They were too big, but oddly now, are not. This is odd because they’re superwash wool which is supposed to mean they won’t shrink or felt (wool will shrink and felt when washed if you aren’t careful). But lo! They have. Not from the washing though, I don’t think, but from the wearing! I once read a theory that felt was “invented” when ancient people used wool to pad their shoes, and then over time the constant heat and friction from walking created felt. Turns out my socks are doing the same thing. The heel and part of the foot where I put the most pressure are very matted and thick — thicker than the rest of the sock. Totally felting. I didn’t expect that but they fit brilliantly now and I love them.

Anyway what I learned is that it’s very, very nice to have socks that actually fit. Since I also have rather thick legs in general, it might also be nice to make some longer socks that don’t cut off my circulation. Thusly my interest in knitting socks. And so… a list of socks I like!

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