I finally opened a Flickr account.

I’ve been resisting. After all, I am spoiled by having our own server and since I don’t particularly like the way Flickr looks, I figured I could just do my own picture galleries. Except, of course, I never do. I do well just posting things individually here!

Then I saw this post at Anny Purls and I was inspired. What a fantastic idea.

You see, my only thoughts of a Flickr account to this point was that I want to do a “finished objects” crafts gallery sort of thing, but I was dithering on whether or not to do just do that on my blog or maybe a different blog or maybe Flickr. I couldn’t decide.

The idea of posting inspirations and future projects really made a lightbulb go off over my head. I love things that inspire me. I have post it notes all over my knitting books and magazines. I have two boxes of “inspiration stuff”. It occured to me recently that I was never going to be inspired if all of those pictures just sat in a box and I really should put them in an album (which I happened to buy today on sale at Jo-anns, yay!). I have a sad little list of future knitting projects where I wrote down the name of the article and where it could be found, but I only update the list in spurts and even then it totally lacks pictures.

So, you see, even though I appreciate inspiration, I was not doing so well at actually being inspired.

But now I have inspiration to do a Flickr set of inspirational items and future projects. I’m a little hesitant to do much for fear of copyright and such, and I will probably mostly continue to post inspirational things here and tear things out of magazines for my album. But for knitting projects specifically, I think this Flickr set is definitely the way to go. If copyright is an issue, I can make it private, I think. It will probably take a while to organize everything and get all the pictures taken as I have quite a backlog of ideas, but I’ve already gotten started tonight and I can’t wait to continue working on it!

I just love inspiration. It’s so… inspiring! 😉

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