Apparently aprons are popular!

Sometimes it becomes self-evident that I live under a rock.

Way back when I saw a post with an apron that I loved. I thought that was a good idea. I found the pattern but I have yet to find fabric. No rush, although looking forward to working on it.

Turns out aprons are totally fashionable. Who knew?! There’s the Tie One On apron show and tell with themes! OMG how much fun would that be? And the theme for the coming months is rick-rack. My mind is ablaze, I tell you.

There are a bajillion photos of aprons people are making on Flickr. There are aprons on Etsy. There are photos of aprons popping up on craft blogs. There are knitted aprons in my knitting magazines. They are EVERYWHERE.

How did I miss all this going on? Sheesh!

P.S. Sorry for lack of links, I know I’ve seen these things but now I can’t find them!

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