Must learn continental knitting

Check out this rather useful video on continental knitting. Very clear, and I especially appreciate the end where they compare throwing/english style vs. continental when doing 2×2 ribbing. You can really see how effortless continental is compared to the constant hand motions in the throwing style!

I have an odd history with continental knitting actually. It is, ironically, what I learned first; ironic because I was in England at the time. I was never very good at it though. I couldn’t figure out how to hold everything at the same time, so I wedged one needle between my legs and then used both hands to work magic with the other needle and the yarn. I didn’t understand how all those movies showed old women knitting with both needles in the air. How did they do that?!

Finally I went to a knitting group in the US where I was shown the throwing/english style, and ah ha! Much more sense. Although really I do a sort of combined version of the two, throwing somehow meant I could hold both needles at the same time. Handy since I’ve come to love circulars and there’s nothing to wedge in one’s legs with circulars.

I would like to learn continental again though. It looks so much more efficient, and my hands DO get tired of constantly moving that yarn around. Must try again sometime!

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  1. Wendy says:

    I knit continental, though my purl is different than that video. Here is a video I made last year. It isn’t good quality, just put my old digital camera on the video mode and went for it.

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