Stamp Camp

Did I mention that I went to a stamp camp last weekend? I don’t think I did. This thing was crazy! Fun, but crazy.

Back in good ole KY, I went sometimes to a “stamp party” kind of thing which was hosted by one demonstrator and there were, oh, 6-8 people there. We did a few projects and nattered a bit and it was fun. That was that.

I looked for something similar here, and was invited to “stamp camp”. Held once every three months (or was it six?) but otherwise sounded much the same. The demonstrator could have 10 people. Okidokie, I’ll do that.

When I got to the Stamp Camp venue, holy moly, I could hear the voices from up the hallway. It was loud. There were many people with Stampin’ Up aprons wandering the hallways. I started to wonder, what kind of camp have I gotten into?

And then I walked in the doorway. There were like 100 people in there. Apparently camp is the getting together of many demonstrators who all invited 10 people. Or more, apparently.

We did seven projects, and I was gone a good portion of the day, which was nice. I’m still reeling a bit, though. I had no idea stamping was this popular. My god. It was lots of fun though and I’m looking forward to the next one. Not as cozy as my old one though… but I guess it would require holding a stamp party to obtain that, which I definitely don’t need to do right now! All hail stamps! 🙂

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