Making your own stamps

Readymade magazine has this great video: How to make a rubber stamp. In this case it’s the “key to my heart” stamp. Awwww.

This is particularly useful to me because since I’ve been making more cards I find that I had some more unique stamps. I rarely buy the kind with drawings on them because, well, it’s other people’s drawings. That just seems wierd to me for some reason.

I’d also like to make something that says I made this card. Sort of like the stamps we used to make for pottery with our sign or initials in or whatnot, that you pressed into the clay and said that this is your pot! Initially useful for identifying pieces of crap made by complete amateurs when they come out of the kiln, but also nifty for identifying things in general 🙂

ETA: Here’s another stamp making tutorial. Looks like fun!

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