I just don't have the brain capacity that I used to

So, I’ve been pondering what to work on when Boo’s Robin Hood Jacket is done.. Currently only one sleeve and the hood to go, then piecing it together, of course.

There’s a purse I’ve been meaning to make an old friend for about two years now, so that’s the most likely project to jump on my needles. I still think about my Fleece Artist merino socks though, and I realized something.

I am a complete and utter idiot.

So I have this one skein, which is supposed to be enough for two socks. Except I have big feet. So I was worried I wouldn’t have enough, right? I made the large size and it’s too small. Figures.

So for the second sock (I figured I’d go back and rip out the first one once I’d done a successful first one) I decided to do an anklet type of sock so that I’d have amble yarn for the length of the foot. I also thought about doing two socks at once so I could finish off the toes in different colors if I needed too — but I don’t know how to do that yet. Hmm.

Anyway the anklet pattern I chose isn’t looking so good. It looks okay — this particular yarn just looks miles better in stockinette. So going to rip this one out too.

I was looking at sock patterns online when it dawned on me.

I’m an idiot.

What I need to do is divide the yarn in half (which I can do since I know the weight), and knit the sucker toe up. That way you can also try it on as you go instead of guessing.

I cannot think of an expletive phrase appropriate enough to explain how I feel about this discovery right now, or rather my apparent inability to realize this option before. I’m open to suggestions though. Sheesh.

On the bright side, socks are the ultimate portable knitting project because the cardi is getting a bit large to cart around. I will hopefully get around to frogging and weighing soon!

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