Who doesn't love free patterns?

That are actually cool? I briefly saw this in the new Craft magazine: Fitz patterns. I particularly love the cape and wrap a-line skirt.

Although there’s no point in joining, I’m also watching the Wardrobe Refashion blog because damn there are some good ideas in there! I am currently drooling over this skirt. I don’t happen to have any quilting pieces lying around, but if I did I might have to go in search of a skirt pattern!

I totally do not have time to sew clothing right now. Very much a in the future thing. Not to mention my sewing machine is on the fritz and I had to take it in to get repaired yesterday. I am grateful I have a sewing machine at all, but I suppose older ones do die more, eh? Ahh… the dreams of a crafter. Sigh!

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