Fingerless mittens?

I confess I really love the look of fingerless mitts, like these. There’s even a collection of these sorts of things here. I just don’t know why I need any.

In fact, I can’t begin to fathom when I’d wear these. If I were outside and my hands were cold, I’d wear gloves or mittens. I could see those flip top mittens for things like being able to tie your shoes if they came untied on your daily walk (ha). But otherwise…. why would you wear fingerless mittens? Glovets? Wrist warmers? Whatever you wish to call them?

In the realm of possibly TMI, my hands get sweaty. They’re sweaty right now. I never wear socks or shoes indoors if I can possibly avoid it. My hands and feet are my thermometers — the rest of me can be under layers and blankets but my hands and feet must nearly always be out. So I just can’t imagine that I need these.

But aren’t they neat? I want some anyway. Sigh!

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