I hate buttonholes

Poor Robin Hood got ripped out again. Argh. I hate buttonholes.

On the bright side I am learning a lot, seeing as I’ve never actually made a knitted buttonhole before. I counted up the stitches on the left side so that I would know where to place said buttonholes. Then, on the second knitting of the right side (ha), I counted and placed the buttonholes. You would think that would be enough.

Apparently I can’t count. The buttonholes were in the wrong place. ARGH. Nothing to do but rip back and do it again!

This time? I’m totally comparing the two sides and making sure that damn buttonhole is in the right place. I have trouble (besides not being able to count) in that I just get in a groove and just knit knit knit! I don’t like stopping. Oh well. I really want this done properly so stopping it is! Hopefully will finish this today or tomorrow and on to the sleeves!

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