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Must learn continental knitting

Check out this rather useful video on continental knitting. Very clear, and I especially appreciate the end where they compare throwing/english style vs. continental when doing 2×2 ribbing. You can really see how effortless continental is compared to the constant … Continue reading

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Stamp Camp

Did I mention that I went to a stamp camp last weekend? I don’t think I did. This thing was crazy! Fun, but crazy. Back in good ole KY, I went sometimes to a “stamp party” kind of thing which … Continue reading

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Making your own stamps

Readymade magazine has this great video: How to make a rubber stamp. In this case it’s the “key to my heart” stamp. Awwww. This is particularly useful to me because since I’ve been making more cards I find that I … Continue reading

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Valentine's Cards

Boo found these little valentine heart brads at the grocery store of all places. Aren’t they cute?!

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Sewing Projects

Along with knitting, I also have about one thousand and one sewing projects looming in my head. Most practical, and mostly I’m trying to use up the meager fabric stash that I have. H think I have too much fabric … Continue reading

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I just don't have the brain capacity that I used to

So, I’ve been pondering what to work on when Boo’s Robin Hood Jacket is done.. Currently only one sleeve and the hood to go, then piecing it together, of course. There’s a purse I’ve been meaning to make an old … Continue reading

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Who doesn't love free patterns?

That are actually cool? I briefly saw this in the new Craft magazine: Fitz patterns. I particularly love the cape and wrap a-line skirt. Although there’s no point in joining, I’m also watching the Wardrobe Refashion blog because damn there … Continue reading

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