Robin Hood Jacket

I have decided to put the Fleece Artist merino socks aside for the moment. I just can’t decide what to do with them. And having decided not to make anything major for myself, having finished H’s hat, and seeing as I would rather knit something cute than fix something that needs fixing, that pretty much leaves knitting for the Boo! So I started on something I’ve been dreaming about since I first opened Adorable Knits for Tots at Christmas. The Robin Hood Jacket.

Above is most of the back. I have about two more inches before I bind off. I don’t particularly fancy how the sweater is seamed together in pics, so I might just put them on a stitch holder and see if grafting is an option for finishing, otherwise I can always bind off later.

The yarn is Rowan Cork. It’s mostly wool, but it’s fantastic — soft and almost felted. It looks looped together instead of spun. I don’t understand it, but I love it. I wish it wasn’t discontinued! I really wanted to do it in orange as pictured, but yellow was all I could find — and steeply discounted at that! So I grabbed it.

The pictures don’t do it justice; the color is richer and the pattern more interesting in person. I love it so much I have fantasies of making me one as well 🙂 I can’t wait to finish it!

This book has me a wee bit worried in that in the Amazon reviews, most people complained heavily about lots of errors in the patterns. I emailed the publisher to see if there was an errata, but no response. That doesn’t bode well. I do have another Zoe Mellor book though, 50 Baby Booties, and I haven’t had any problems with that one. So I’m choosing to be optimistic.

So far I haven’t had any problems, other than I reversed the cables on the second half of the back. They were all twisting the same way, which was bugging me. What’s the point of cables if you can’t make them mirror each other in neat and interesting ways for a little symmetry? 🙂 In fact, and I have to admit I’m impressed with myself here, this is my first serious cabling project. I think I likey.

Also, and this is just me, but I’m using size 9 needles when it calls for size 11. Eep! That’s a fairly major difference — three needle sizes! Of course I know I have serious gauge issues anyway; I always need to downsize when working back and forth. But three needle sizes? Whoa. I was concerned after I had done several inches that maybe it was going to be too small, that my gauge swatch wasn’t accurate, so I held it up to a 2T sweatshirt, and it looks to be the same size. And 2T is a little big on the Boo anyway. So here’s hoping! If nothing else I can always block it to be slightly bigger, I think.

After this? Pirate sweater. Arrr! God I love knitting.

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