I want to make a baby quilt

I know, I know.. I do not need another hobby. I don’t even know how to quilt. But I can’t get this baby quilt out of my mind.

The funny thing is I saw that ages ago and didn’t bookmark it. I wasn’t even pregnant when I first saw it. I’ve been thinking of it the past, oh, three months, and have been unable to figure out where I saw it. I finally started going through all of the sites I read on my feed, one by one, looking for baby quilts. And lo, there it is. I should have known seeing as she makes some incredible quilts! The funniest part? This quilt was used for her header. I look at that header a lot. Me == dork.

I think it’s just beautiful. I do happen to have some quilt batting (ahem) and some orange fuzzy soft stuff to use as backing upstairs (yes, I thought about making a quilt for Boo too). I could do orange and pink. Wouldn’t that be cute?

Gawd I seriously need to get a life. I. Do. No. Have. Time. To. Quilt! But I still really wanna 😉

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