Craft Gallery 2006

It occured to me today that H’s hat was the first knitted project both started and completed in 2007. (It was preceded by cards and a needle holder, I realized after I wrote this.) Many sites I admire have a sort of “gallery” of completed works, often organized by year. I think this is a good idea. While I don’t consider anything I’ve accomplished to be on the same scale of perfection, it is nice to look back and see you’ve actually finished something. Particularly when you’re me and there are a billion things left to complete.

So I’ve been trying to think how to do it. Another blog? A separate page? An ongoing list? Flickr? Hmm. Options options!

For right this second, let’s just do a list for 2006:

  1. The Boo’s Christmas Stocking
  2. I dyed yarn for the first time
  3. I made a pair of wool shorts for the boy (with dyed yarn)
  4. I finished my first pair of socks. Astute observers will note there is also an entry from January where I finished the first one. Apparently these took a long time. I have no clue when I actually started them.
  5. I made some Christmas cards
  6. I know I also did some things that I have yet to take pictures of: A mossy green scarf (yarn from Erin!), a green cardigan that I have since taken apart and am lengthening, and I finally put fringe on my green poncho from like 2004. I’ve been planning on an entry entitled The Greens with these, whenever I finish that friggin’ cardi.
  7. Two felted bags using Noro. Mine, the first one I did, is in the background at the top of the photo.
  8. Two doll sweaters and two Christmas stockings
  9. There may be more that I didn’t post about and can’t think of right now…

I like the idea of Flickr or another blog best, to be honest. Less work for me. I wish Flickr looked nicer. So it might need to be another blog. But I also like the gallery idea from Flickr with little pictures to give you an overview of the whole year where you can click through for more info on the ones you are interested in. And not have to scroll. That would be nice. Hmm! No rush I suppose 🙂

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