If it's wool, it itches

There are those who are wool afficionados who, if you complain about a wool allergy, will tell you that you are in fact not allergic. That you are reacting to how the wool has been processed.

I have found this in part to be true. The nicer and purer the wool, the less it makes me itch and my nose go bananas. However, I have also discovered that even the nice wools itch over time.

I have a hat that I made out of either Debbie Bliss Cashmerino or Alpaca Silk, honestly I can’t remember which one. It’s softer than soft. I love the colors too, os much in fact that I couldn’t pick just one and decided to make a stripey hat instead 🙂

But after wearing it for a while? My forehead itches. My ears tingle. How is it possible that something so soft can be itchy?! I’m just allergic to wool, plain and simple. Always have been. Which makes me ponder what to make that cabled cardigan out of… I tend to wear cardigans over tank tops and I won’t be able to tolerate itchy arms!

I think from now on I should stick to blends maybe. Cotton on its own is too heavy and prone to shapelessness. I really need that No Sheep for You book! Should be interesting!

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