Knitting from the Stash

All of this knitting blog reading has taught me something. I am not the only one with impulse control when buying yarn! Also, there are many people much, much worse (or better?) than me. Ha!

There are a few “challenges”.. There’s one for not buying any yarn at all in 2007 (with a few exceptions). There’s also one that’s only running for 3 months, which has some different rules for exceptions.

I’m not joining any of these though, for a variety of reasons. One, I actually don’t have that much yarn. I have a lot of fancy yarn for scarves, a lot of scrap yarn, and a fair amount of wool yarn for felting. These days I tend to buy yarn with a specific project in mind, so there’s not a lot up there floating around without purpose. I also don’t have a lot of any one kind of yarn. So if I were to decide to make a sweater (ahem), I would pretty much have to go buy that yarn because I don’t have enough to do it in the stash. I’ve already ordered some yarn to make some things for Boo and none of it was anything remotely like anything I have in the stash. And finally, I think this year is rather exceptional in that there’s a baby due half way through. I want to make some baby things and there’s nothing wrong with buying some yarn for baby.

Therefore it would be silly for me to join one of these things, as entertaining as it is to read about them. Besides that, I sort of do it already. The hat I’m knitting for H is from the stash — it’s leftover from Christmas stockings actually and I was wondering what I was going to do with it! The booties I have planned are mostly going to be from stash yarn, although I do need to get some pink yarn in there someday 😉 The reason I wanted that One Skein book was to use up some of these leftover balls of yarn I have which have no purpose. Anyway.. you get the point I think. I do make an effort to use stash yarn when I can. And since I mostly have plans for most of the yarn, as I tick through projects I use it up. This is good.

So good luck to anyone out there aiming to reduce their stash! Maybe when my kiddlings are a bit bigger I’ll have to join in 🙂

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