No sweaters for me

I have decided that I simply won’t be making any sweaters for me this year. I know, sad, but true.

It’s not that I can’t (although history belies this), it’s just that it doesn’t make sense right now. My list of things to knit is so very long. My list of people I’d like to knit for is also rather long (i.e. more than just ME!). I have 6 months before my knitting days are severely diminished for the next, oh, two years. That’s not a lot of time and a whole lot of pressure.

I also have a growing belly, not to mention other growing parts. Making a sweater now and attempting to see if it fits is just a joke. If it fits now it will be way too big post-partum. If it doesn’t fit now, there’s just hoping that it will fit later. Not a good scenario by any account.

Finally, it takes a lot of yarn to go around me. I always, always have to buy at least one or two more skeins than patterns call for. I also tend to like to make things longer than they were originally intended, because I have an extraordinarily long midriff (good for babies though 😉 so that’s even more yarn. It costs a lot to make a sweater for me!

So I’ve decided I shall simply banish all thoughts of sweaters from my mind. No cabled beauty from Interweave Knits, which is the one I’m really hung up on. Yarn will continue to exist. I will hang onto that pattern for the future. It will be fine. And truly, it’s a weight off my shoulders.

That said, I am making one exception: If I should manage to finish everything I want to, and it is, say, May, and I have absolutely nothing else to knit (yah, right), I am perfectly within my rights to use stash yarn to make a sweater. Specificly, I may well unravel that entrelac monstrosity and use that to make the Big Girls wrap sweater. I also have enough bamboo in the stash to make a sweater from the aborted Swing Sweater debacle. I just have other things to do first, that’s all.

So what’s on the list if no sweaters for moi? I just ordered a bunch of Rowan to make three, that’s right, three projects for the Boo! One includes SKULLS! I am very excited. I am currently making a hat for H as his was lost, poor hat! I hope it fits. I’ll be making a scarf/mitten set for the Boo as well. Socks! I have yarn for socks. I can make accessories for myself, after all. My feet may swell and get wider, but they won’t get longer. At least I hope not. And then there’s lace. I really want to do some lace bits and bobs. Finally, I need to make some wool shorts for my boy and the baby. Not to mention all the other stuff I’d like to make, including but not limited to sewing, bead jewelry, and scrapbooking. Plenty to do! Still too much for six months if you ask me!

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