Quiet Book

I love those cloth books that you see around, you know, the ones with pockets, buttons, zippers, etc. I abhor the cost though.. $25 for a four page cloth book?! You’ve got to be kidding. Thusly, the only one we have was a gift 😀

I’ve always meant to MAKE one though. A double whammy using lots of different fabrics so it can double as a touchy-feely book for a baby as well as an activity book for a toddler.

That said, I haven’t put a whole lot of effort into actually designing said book. Just thinking about it occasionally.

Until I saw this entry at Kerflop. How cute is that?? Admittedly, way more effort than I was planning on. I mean my button page was just going to have one giant button (that I happen to have upstairs), but still. Cute idea. Love the detachable flowers.

I also wanted to do a page with zippers and little things inside to discover (maybe they can do things too?). Velcro.. something to lace.. not sure what else! Can’t wait to see what else Jessica comes up with.

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