Tech socks!

I stumbled across some Pac-Man socks, believe it or not! How cool is that? This girl even made Rogue, a pattern I have been drooling over since I first saw it.

Anyway, I have been searching for something to make H and I may well have found it. The original pattern is by Alison Hansel and has an apple as well. Might be good for moi 😉

My list of socks I want to make are growing. Oh dear.

  1. First, finish up the Fleece Artist socks!
  2. Then I have the random handpainted yarn I couldn’t resist (can’t remember the brand!). Going to use the Big Girl Knits pattern (more of a ‘recipe’ really) for this.
  3. I really want to do the pirate argyle socks too!
  4. And now, tech socks. Oh my.

For what it’s worth, H is a very hard man to knit for. He’s very picky, and while I would love to make him a sweater, frankly I have yet to make one that fits ME properly so I ought to wait on that. His hat did do a runner though so maybe I can whip one of those out for him soon!

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