My Knitting History

I’ve been thinking lately about how I’ve grown as a knitter. Strange thing to be pondering, maybe, but I do find it funny how nothing daunts me. I see something I like (this is usually any craft, not just knitting) and I think sure, I can make that. It’s actually a fault — I rarely buy things I like that are handmade because I assume I can do it myself, disregarding the fact that I have little time to do such things, thereby denying myself pretties because I think I can do it myself. And totally disregarding the skill and time it took that person. Ahem.

I actually started crocheting as a child. My aunt showed me how and I made a few granny squares. I made a few granny squares with my friend Kim in high school and her Nanny (but mostly we stuck to paper mache). It didn’t take. Several years later a cousin was having her first baby and I saw a knitted teddy bear in a window of a local yarn shop. I thought, that’s perfect, I can do that. And I did. Whoa.

Basically I taught myself how to knit out of my mother-in-law’s old knitting books and this one pattern. Somewhere in there came a very deformed Gromit (must redo that someday) and a bunny for the second child of said cousin.

Once we were home again I started making those floozy scarves with the eyelash yarnm courtesy of a pattern from my aunt and encouragement from my mom. I fell in love with scarves. I bought fancy yarn by the bucketloads to make scarves. I had so many damn scarves I sold a few (turned out to be much more work than I was anticipating — keep it a hobby I now say!).

Somewhere in there I found a sweater I loved and I made one. Too big, but it is beautiful. I should rip it and redo it if I can ever work up the nerve.

And then came baby. I made booties and baby sweaters and a baby blanket. And then I didn’t make anything for a long, long time. And then I made a poncho. Who knew.

And then somehow I decided I needed to make some socks. And I did, and they suck, but are comfortable so I don’t care. And now? Now apparently I think I can make anything I want to. I envision sweaters. More socks. I’ve made more things than I can list. I’ve gotten into felted bags and felted hats are waiting in the wings. I learned how to do cables at some point. The list of things I want to make is so long I can’t even remember half of it. The point is, I looked at this garter stitch shawl that was really pretty and had lots of promise, but I didn’t want to finish it. It’s not interesting to me any more. Once upon a time I marvelled that I could buy beautifully colored yarn and all I had to do was the knit stitch and it would be beautiful. This is still, of course, a good thing. But now I know I can buy solid colored yarn and make things even more beautiful. More intricate, more interesting, more, of course, time consuming. I love knitting. I love the variety. Here’s to more interesting things in 2007!

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