The Good News and the Bad News in My World of Socks

First, some good news. I LOVE this Fleece Artist yarn! Check out the colors:

I especially like how it’s striping on the heel.

And in fact I like it so much, I’ve been working on it every spare second I have. Witness:

Sock One finished! The fabric is extraordinary. It’s almost as tightly knitted as dress socks that you buy. It’s thin. It’s colorful. In short, absolutely beyootiful and I love it. I don’t even mind the size 1 needles anymore because if this is what you get for such pain then it’s worth it.

Unless… (and now it’s time for the bad news) …I have a gauge problem, and they don’t fit. Ugh.

The gauge problem isn’t that huge on these as I’m sure they will be perfectly functional. It’s more that there’s such a massive difference between where I knit back and forth (see the front part, which is the bottom of the heel) and where I knit in the round (which is the top part). This picture makes it look like it’s just a problem of perspective, but seriously, it’s not. This was taken from above. The stitches on the bottom are at least three times the size of the ones above. Something to work on I suppose!

Now, for sizing. To be fair, I have huge feet. I made these a little shorter than the instructions said figuring I would have to make the foot part longer. But then it got down to the foot part and I got worried about running out of yarn. So I finished as instructed. I figure I can make the second sock longer and if it looks like there’s enough I can undo the toe on this one and make it longer too.

The only other problem is that this is not the most attractive cuff on my also rather large ankles/calves. So I’m going to think for a while before I venture forth with the second sock. I saw a pattern just the other day for anklet socks that were very cute and I might be able to use this yarn on those. In which case I will have short but cute and fit properly socks instead of possibly too small with ugly ankle socks. Hmm! And if all else fails? I can either gift these out or they will rock as baby booties 🙂

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