The Yarn Reclamation Project

I did something a few days ago that I’m rather proud of. I “frogged” (meaning undid, ripped out) several projects that were sitting on needles unfinished. I put the needles back in my needle bag, balled the yarn up and stuck it back in my stash drawers. I now have a bunch of new yarn. Yay!

Now the only things on needles are seriously things I’m actually working on. Boo’s scarf that is in need of more yarn. My green cardigan that is in need of lengthening (I’m ripping out seams at the moment). My newsboy hat is off needles but still in the bag waiting for plastic for the brim. Socks are on the needles and I do at least a few rows a day (I’m seriously loving this yarn, must get a picture of it soon!). Otherwise? Nothing on the needles. Nothing in plastic bags lying around waiting in perpetuity to get finished. Okay, that’s actually a lie, there’s a lavendar baby blanket in the top drawer of the stash drawers that’s in a plastic bag and half-finished. It’s waiting to find out the gender of this one and if it’s a boy it’ll get frogged too and used for something else!

Anyway the point is, all that frogging was so very liberating! I’m only working on things that I’m dedicated to! It’s also so funny to look at how I’ve grown as a knitter over the past two years, even with the kiddo running around. Or perhaps because of the kiddo running around. One of the things I ripped out was a pink shawl in garter stitch with a variety of different yarns threaded in. Pretty, but I know I can do much better than garter stitch now. So out it went. It’ll make a lovely lace shawl, I do believe.

Although I didn’t make it an official Goal of 2007, I do have hopes to continue my desire to use up stash yarn for projects. I have a few patterns for wool to be felted, some cupcakes using some fancy yarn, and some booties and perhaps some washcloths that can use up stash yarn. In the future I totally plan to only buy yarn with a project in mind for it. It’s a good goal.

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