Size 1 needles equal torture

In an effort to learn how to make socks, I’m trying lots of different patterns and yarn. Currently on the needles are Fleece Artist merino socks, and they conveniently come with a pattern. (Picture from the Fleece Artist site, I am definitely not finished!) Which is nice. Except they require size 1 needles.

I have never knit with size 1 needles before. Do you have any idea how small size 1 needles are? They are 2.5mm — I assume that means diameter. These things are lethal. They make my fingers hurt whenever I have to push or pull one through said knitting loops. I’m afraid to leave them anywhere near Boo. Lethal.

Not only that, I have already deviated from the pattern by taking Megan’s suggestion of doubling up on the cast-on stitches and then k2tog on the next round to ensure the cuffs won’t be too tight. This was ridiculously hard to do with size 1 needles. In addition, there’s not a whole lotta yarn on this skein so I betcha I’ll run out. Oh well. Have to contemplate that later!

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