Christmas gifts? CHECK!

I think I’m done! I just finished finishing off the last of the doll sweaters. Excruciating as they were, they are cute. Not quite what I was going for, but I hope it will work. They look fine, I think, they’re just a bit, umm, brighter than I was planning. That will teach me to buy yarn off the Internet. The picture below is pre-finishing so there are strands hanging around. Those are not there any more πŸ™‚ And in case you were wondering, I was hoping for a nice soft pink to go with a nice, spring green, but these look rather neon to me.

I finished the stockings a few days ago, complete with decorations and hang tags. I probably should have lined them but I just couldn’t find cute fabric. I guess you have to shop early for Christmas fabric with candy canes and the like!

Overall I am pleased. I think the stockings look great and I LOVE that heel! I even learned a few things from my Christmas knitting adventures this year:

  1. Blocking works miracles. I’ve actually, believe it or not, never blocked before. Never thought it necessary. Shows what little I know! I even dragged out my gargantuan sweater from a few years ago thinking blocking might solve my problems there. Unlikely, but worth a shot.
  2. Always pick a pattern with the least amount of finishing. I had to weave in like 20 strands on each little sweater. Argh.
  3. Always leave nice long tails for finishing. I’ve always cut them short and used a crochet hook. Remarkably easier if you leave them long and use a needle instead.
  4. I am crap at overstitching. I wanted to put the girls’ dolls’ initials on the sweaters but they looked like crap. So I took it off. Note to self: Learn to overstitch.
  5. And the inevitable, pick colors out at your local yarn store. Nuff said.

ETA: I forgot to mention where I got the pattern! It’s from Let It Rain Yarn in Mukilteo. I can’t really call it my “local yarn shop” since it’s pretty far from me, but it’s definitely the nicest little shop in the Seattle area! The pattern was written by one of the ladies who works there. The only problems I have with the pattern were some finicky things.. like no i-cord instructions for hanging (which was fine since I know how to do one but what if you didn’t?), nothing that says to flip over the top like the sample in the shop (which I don’t understand anyway, why not just make it shorter and save some yarn?), and I had trouble understanding the heel instructions. But despite all that I still love how it turned out πŸ™‚

Going to pack these up to ship off tomorrow, JUST IN TIME for the last priority mail shipment to make it by Christmas. I hope I’ll be able to print off the labels here and just post the boxes which will save standing in line with a toddler. Not so much fun, that. Wish me luck!

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