Idea for next Christmas: Advent Calendar

Boo got an advent calendar in the post from some lovely British relatives. It is Thomas and it has chocolate and he loves it, almost a bit too much. He doesn’t understand counting down or why we won’t give him more than one piece a day. Poor kid.

But it did get me thinking. You see advent calendars around. Our Thomas one is the same kind I had as a kid — paper with choccies inside. But you see other kinds too. Cute christmas tree shaped cabinets with numbered drawers. Hanging advent calendars with pockets. Bare trees that you decorate with numbered ornaments as the days pass. Some involve candles. We really liked the Lego advent calendar but they sold out before we got our act together. It’s a good idea, really.

So I should make one. Obviously.

I really like this one that I found by, of course, blog trolling. It’s beautiful. Unfortunately I do not know how to quilt (although I do have a book on it — some day!). My idea is, unfortunately, much more complex.

See, I’ve kind of been into felting recently. I’ve never done any needle felting, but it looks cool. I’m sure I could do it. And… prepare yourself… wouldn’t it be neat to have an entire scene out of wool felt, say some trees and snow, perhaps a snowman, etc, and the pockets would be hidden and subtly numbered in the scene? I like the idea of having to search really hard for the right number. And of course the pockets would be big enough to hold things other than chocolate — wouldn’t it be neat to have a bead for every day and at the end of it you get to make a necklace? Or say lego pieces that make something at the end of it. You get the idea.

Anyway, I think it’s a capital idea. Now, the chances of my actually implementing it, particularly with a baby due next year, are fairly small. I’m sure I’ll be up to my ears in diapers. However. It’s still a good idea and I hope to do it some day!

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