Apron pattern found!

Way back when, I found a blog entry about an apron that I thought was adorable, and it suddenly made me realize that I DO NOT HAVE AN APRON! And I wanted one.

Eventually, I found the pattern at Paisley Pincushion (although they also sell the on Ebay) and now it’s in my hot little hands!

I can’t wait to make it. I am thinking green stripes or gingham with cherries as contrast. Yum! Of course god knows when I’ll find time to browse a quilting store. Might have to venture through Equilter during one of these ever decreasing naptimes.

Even cuter, it comes in child sizes. Now I don’t think I can conscienciously put Boo in a scalloped flowery apron, but I bet I could even off the edges and make a smock out of it. Perhaps with trains. Full pocket across the front with openings for crayons and brushes and toys and… god. I need to shut up and DO something!

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