Toddler + Scissors = Hole

The other day I was happily knitting away on the foot of the second (and last) stocking when Boo started riffling through the bag beside me. There’s a tape measure in there, and he loves playing with those, so that’s what I thought he was after. And he did indeed pull it out. I thought nothing of it.

About two seconds later I realize he has SCISSORS and is aiming them at my stocking.

He does know how to use scissors. We have a little practise book for his kid scissors and when we’re stamping/scrapbooking upstairs he plays with the zig zag scissors (which are ridiculously hard to cut with, even for me). The thing is he usually doesn’t do it properly. He always holds the scissors at the same plane as the paper so they don’t cut well.

Unless it’s yarn, apparently. I pulled back from the scissors, but not quick enough. He managed to snip one stitch. ONE STITCH. Which turned into a huge, gigantic hole as the whole thing started unravelling.

I tried to patch it. I tried tying more yarn to the cut ends and darning it up, so to speak. No go. It looked like shit.

The best part? It was up near the top when I was working at the bottom. So I had to frog (this means undo) the whole entire thing except for 3 inches of white at the top. Two days work lost. Two days even further behind. I have no idea how I’m going to get these done in time to mail them. I was soooo mad at him!

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