One hand knitted present DONE!

I finished one present! THANK GOD! It’s December already for cryin’ out loud!

Here’s the before shot:

I had the presence of mind to write down some facts about this. I never do this although I always mean to, so treasure it. I used Noro Kureyon #74 yarn, designed in Japan, which is 100% wool and comes in the most divine array of colors. I used #10 needles (because the leap up to 11 was too much and I lack 10.5 in circulars and I’m lazy that way, although those would have been better) and I got a gauge of 13 st/4″ and 20 rows/4″. The i-cord was an unseemly 240″ long! I just kept going, as I figured I would need a LOT of i-cord. The finished bag has a reinforced, two-layer bottom and measured 20″x20″. The design is not entirely my own, I got the idea from Felted Knits by Beverly Galeskas (who is in Seattle, I discovered). In fact in the top picture you can see the first bag I did from this pattern. I decided it was too small for this particular person’s needs so increased everything by a third. Which made it HUGE. I was worried about that!

But I needn’t have worried. Here’s the finished product!

I like it muy mucho. It may be a smidge too tall, and I could have cut it, but then it would have a sharp edge and I decided to just leave it. If I make another one that size I’ll probably just leave off 10 rows or so.

Unfortunately I neglected to measure it once it was felted so I don’t know exactly how much it felted down, and it’s all packaged up now so I can’t go do it now. Boo. This is why I never write crap down, because I forget to do so, or I only do part of it, and is ultimately useless. I did make a little bag out of the extra (which you can see unfelted in the top) so maybe I’ll measure that. Although I didn’t measure that one unfelted. You see the problem here.

I hope this very special person likes it! I think it turned out even more beautiful than I was imagining. I was getting a wee bit worried knitting it up because when I picked out the yarn, I thought… Pink! Green! Blue! What could possibly go wrong! And then as I was knitting I thought… Whoa! Fuschia! Damn I hope this turns out okay. But it did, I think it’s lovely.

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