2006 Christmas Cards

Finally I get some time at the computer! Here are my Christmas Cards for this year:

I think they’re pretty cute. They say happy holidays on the inside. I haven’t made a lot since we’re also sending a photo card to relatives and friends who we thought might not think we had lapsed too far into parenthood to receive one 😉 We had a really good family type photo come out of my brother’s wedding though and for family who don’t get to see us a lot we thought that might be nice.

These do not reflect my original intentions actually. I have some similar stamps that have a cut out of a christmas light in the middle. I had originally thought I would do that with black (and then I tried brown) and then color the lights different colors for different cards. This idea turned out to look like ass. Turns out solid areas on stamps do not stamp well. Note to self about that.

So, since Boo and I were stamping I decided to play around with other stamps and colors, and voila. Cards. 🙂

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