This scarf is so beautiful…

My friend Liane turned me on to the Grumperina knitting blog and damn, she is nifty. Her latest scarf is absolutely beautiful. I have some purple yarn upstairs (originally meant for a baby blanket) that would be perfect. Absolutely perfect. One more thing to add to the list!

The really interesting thing is that it’s cabled. I am so drawn to cables these days. There are no less than THREE cables sweater patterns in the latest Interweave Knits magazine that I am drooling over. And yes that one on the front cover is one of them (but with longer sleeves). Not to mention the Rogue sweater I blogged about a while back. Am I progressing more as a knitter? Am I trying to find symbolism for what feels like a chaotic life? Am I being overly analytical?

Nevertheless, Grumperina also has a tutorial on doing cables without a cable needle. And that is truly inspired (although not by her, but still inspired!). I should be knitting instead of blogging. Sigh!

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