According to Stephanie…

So although I’m supposed to be finishing up Unconditional Parenting for my AP Book Club, instead I’ve dived right into Knitting Rules! Wouldn’t you?

According to Stephanie I am a Level 2 Knitter: Focused. Highlights include allowing others to see me knit and I purchase yarn with no clear intention of how to use it, just because it was on sale or it’s so soft! All very true. “This knitter may have several projects on the needles, and may actually be overwhelmed (occasionally and happily) with her own knitty plans. She still goes into bookstores and imagines herself putting down the knitting to read. (She doesn’t.)” Stephanie! It’s like you stepped in my head.

In case you were worried, according to Stephanie there are in fact 4 levels of knitting addiction. The only reason I’m not a Level 3 is that it includes the phrase “actively shops for yarn often” and I don’t actively shop for anything with a toddler, ESPECIALLY yarn. The things that boy can do to a ball of yarn. Level 4 is “obsessed”. I am safe there, I’m afraid to say. But it’s not for lack of desire!

Next in Knitting Rules! we get to explore our level of obsession. Me being me, I fall into two categories: Sensei and Organic Knitter. Apparently Senseis “have elevated knitting to a lifestyle”: Check! We are natural teachers: Check! “Knitting Senseis never wonder whether a knitting project would be too difficult for them. If they haven’t done it, it’s because they choose not to.”: Check! I do not know everything though, as apparently most Senseis do. It is a goal, however.

Organic Knitters, however, are “all about process.” They are “utterly relaxed about gauge and swatching” and could care less if the project actually turns out like it’s supposed to. That would be me. Favorite line:
“Another characteristic is their longing to so fully embrace knitting that they have earnest discussions about how to get a flock of sheep into an urban townhouse backyard.” Hehe.

All of that in chapter one! Dunno when I’ll read the rest, but I do hope to learn if I’m doing the finishing right. Because I suspect I’m not. But I also don’t care a whole lot since nothing has fallen apart on me yet!

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One Response to According to Stephanie…

  1. Wendy says:

    Knitting as a lifestyle….check!
    No project too hard….check!
    Thought about how to get sheep in my backyard….check (oh and I do live in a townhouse.)

    I should get that book, sounds like a fun read!

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