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The problem with circular knitting…

… is that it’s hard to stop! I’ll often say something like “Wait until I get to the end of this row…” or “Let me finish this section first.” But if you’re just going round and round and round and … Continue reading

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I finally finished my socks!! Aren’t they cooool? They were my “car project” for a while, and eventually got to a point where I needed to bring them inside to finish. Anyway, they’re a bit big, the cuffs leave a … Continue reading

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According to Stephanie…

So although I’m supposed to be finishing up Unconditional Parenting for my AP Book Club, instead I’ve dived right into Knitting Rules! Wouldn’t you? According to Stephanie I am a Level 2 Knitter: Focused. Highlights include allowing others to see … Continue reading

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Does comedy grow on trees in Canada?

Why is almost every Canadian I’ve met or heard of so damn funny? It’s quite wierd. Equally, I don’t know that many Canadians. I saw the Yarn Harlot, AKA Stephanie Pearl-McPhee at a book signing today and she is so … Continue reading

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