Knitting Plans

The knitting list on the left is what’s currently on the needles, but as is so much the case in life, there’s SO MUCH MORE I want to do! Here’s the plans for the next couple months knitting-wise…

Christmas is coming up and what better excuse is there to make fun things for people than Christmas? I know two certain someones who desperately need new Christmas stockings, IMHO, and I have high hopes of making some for them. I thought it would be fun to fill them with bits and bobs and make a nice little Christmas package.

I also have an adorable pattern for a sweater to fit the American Girl dolls. Since my two little cousins lurve those, seems like apt gifts for them!

Another certain someone has a felted bag with their name on it (not literally) and I just love making felted bags, so looking forward to that. Using Noro which is just the BEST self-striping yarn and looks totally awesome felted.

I have a possible project in mind for EEK! the wonder poet. She recently had a chapbook published, called the One Hit Wonders (how cool is she?) and I’d love to make her something equally as cool as her book! It’s in my head at the moment and I haven’t actually tried to make what I have in mind. I hope it works because it’ll be coooool if it does.

Of course I have a few things in mind for the boy… he needs a scarf as he obsesses about the ones he sees in yarn shops (thinking something soft and red), plus there’s a Debbie Bliss pattern for a sweater and hat I’d like to make for him. I also want to make a pair of wool shorts, but at this rate I’ll need to make them wool pants! I thought black would be nice.

For myself, well, there’s always the Pearl Buck Swing Jacket that I’d love to conquer finish. I also have another set of socks waiting in the margins and some additional work to do on my green lace cardigan. Plus I’d like another headband. And there’s always Clapotis. Oh my. I could go on and on about the projects I have in mind for myself!

I’m sure there’s more, but that’s all I can think of at the moment! So what’s up first? Probably wool shorts for the boy (er, after I finish that soaker, right?) and the on to the stockings. Then the American Girl sweaters. Then…. well by then I’ll probably thought of a few more gifts so this whole list could change by then!

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