Hip Knit Hats? Not so much…

I recently got this book, Hip Knit Hats, and I have to say that I’m not impressed.

I dislike getting knitting books sight unseen, but I took a chance with this one. I mean, it’s hats. How bad can it be? Nothing more annoying than getting a whole big book and there being like one pattern in it that you want. What I really want is what I think is called a pageboy, one of those old timey looking hats, like a combination of a beret and a baseball hat. Surely a book of “hip” hats will have one of those in, right?

Well. Apparently we have different ideas of hip. And when they say 40 hats? It’s more like 4 hats done 10 different ways. Not very diverse, IMO. The only thing that looks interesting enough to bother with is the entrelac beret. I do like entrelac. Maybe I can figure out how to put a bill on it?

The only interesting piece of new info is the cast on that starts at the crown of the head and doesn’t create a hole. That might be worthwhile. But overall.. very disappointed. And besides that.. I STILL don’t have a pattern for my pageboy! Wah.

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3 Responses to Hip Knit Hats? Not so much…

  1. Chelsea says:

    FYI, the new issue of Knitscene has a pattern that sounds like the pageboy hat you describe. (There’s also a pattern for a pageboy-like hat in Stitch & Bitch Nation, which is very cable-y.) Annie Modesitt designed it, and it’s in the “MOD” spread.

  2. Carrie says:

    YOU are a genius of observation. I shall have to pick that Knitscene up! I don’t have S&B Nation yet.. clearly a bookshop venture is in the making 🙂 Thanks!!

  3. nicole says:

    Yes Stich and Bitch Nation is what you want, I just made that pageboy hat in there and it came out sooo cute. Good Luck

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