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Hip Knit Hats? Not so much…

I recently got this book, Hip Knit Hats, and I have to say that I’m not impressed. I dislike getting knitting books sight unseen, but I took a chance with this one. I mean, it’s hats. How bad can it … Continue reading

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Knitting Plans

The knitting list on the left is what’s currently on the needles, but as is so much the case in life, there’s SO MUCH MORE I want to do! Here’s the plans for the next couple months knitting-wise… Christmas is … Continue reading

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Knitted Headband

I quickly knit up a headband to wear to my brother’s wedding (more on that later!). I had just gotten my hair cut and was at a total loss with what to do with it since I don’t even own … Continue reading

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Always buy an extra ball of yarn.

Just do it. Just always buy an extra ball. That way you don’t have to trek 15 miles to that one store where you originally got the yarn because you’re –> Just Do It.

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