How to make Argyle Cool

Tell me these would not be the coolest socks ever:

From Moth Heaven via the ever-popular Yarn Harlot. Bless you. I thought I was going to do Koigu socks next, but I may be wrong. I may have to do these. In pink.

Speaking of socks… since I can’t be arsed to finish my other one so that I actually have a PAIR, I have a new plan. When Boo falls asleep in the car I tend to sit in the car until he wakes up, he being one of those babies that doesn’t sleep well anyway, and once he wakes up he’s awake, but cranky because he’s still tired, but won’t fall back asleep. So I let him sleep. I try to remember to grab my knitting but alas, I often do not. So. Am going to keep the socks in the car. How brilliant am I? 🙂

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