Not going well

I’m working on the Pearl Buck Swing Jacket (scroll down for the pic) from Interweave Knits. It’s not going well.

My problem appears to be that the pattern for the middle bit is separate from instructions for the outer bits (of the back). I have no problem following the pattern for the middle bit. What I have a problem with is doing everything at the same time. I’ll happily be going through the cables only to realize that 10 rows ago I was supposed to decrease. DAMMIT. So far I’ve caught myself only a few rows away so no harm done but I’m approaching the arm decrease and I’ve had to redo the same area three times. THREE TIMES. I’ve tried writing on the pattern itself to remind me when rows have extra stuff at the edges, but it doesn’t seem to be working. I just get in a groove!

Sadly, I was planning on having this AND another cardi done for my bro’s wedding on August 12th. Not bloody likely! Dammit! I am working on the other cardi now to give myself a break from the annoying hell that is this back pattern. They couldn’t have printed it all together now could they? It’s not even on the same page! Grrrrrrrr.

On the bright side, other people are working on this pattern as well so at least I’m not alone in my frustrations! Er except no one else seems to be frustrated. Oh well. The link above has nice pics 🙂

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