A hole! And new projects…

I have a hole (actually, two) in the soaker I’m making for Boo!

Pamelamama says it’s easily fixable. Phew! That’s good because there’s another one quick on the heels. We’ll see if I can’t keep this one from being quite so screwed up, eh?

And in other news, I spent FOUR HOURS abandoning my family and frolicking in yarn stores today. Glorious! First I went to Weaving Works because 1) it’s near me and 2) I’ve actually heard about it. That usually says something. They have a yummy selection, and the place was packed! The ladies were pretty nice. Unfortunately, after spending an hour looking at patterns, narrowing down those patterns and finally choosing yarn, they didn’t have enough in stock and it’ll take three weeks to get in stock. Harumph! I need it by early June to go on vacation, so that’s not likely to happen. Too bad too because they were having a sale! I stopped myself from buying yarn just cuz of the sale. Aren’t you proud of me?

So I moved on to Let It Rain, a small yarn shop in Mukilteo (can’t find a website). The owner is incredibly nice and helpful. Actually Boo and I stopped in last week, but he was DONE really fast so I didn’t do more than glance around. Anyway I found a fab pattern for my hippy skirt that’s an open weave, in green, and doesn’t require much yarn so is really cheap! I also ordered some brown bamboo (yes, bamboo!) yarn for my cardi to match my pink skirt for the wedding. Phew! I didn’t expect to get QUITE that much done! I’m so pleased. I can’t wait to get started, but gotta finish these soakers first! And anyway, I’m saving the cardi for vacation. Really, I am.

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