Seattle Yarn Stores

I have to admit, I miss my hometown yarn stores. I have yet to find the equivalent to the cozy atmosphere of the Knit Nook or the sheer volume of yarn at Shophie’s Fine Yarn Shoppe. I haven’t found anywhere laid out quite as nicely as Handknitters. I even miss Carma Needlecraft even though it’s mostly about needlepoint.

Fortunately, someone pointed me towards the Seattle Knitters Guild which has a fab listing of local stores. And by local they mean stores that are several hours apart from each other! I’ve slowly started to go to the ones near me. Hill Top Yarn is the closest, and it IS very nice. It’s in an old house and each room seems to be devoted to different kinds of yarn. This is cool. Unfortunately it took ages for anyone in there to say hi to me so it didn’t seem overly friendly 😦 Nice selection though.

Since I’m actually looking for something specific and they didn’t have it, I moved on to a few others near me. One had a good selection but was in a big room that felt empty even though it was full of yarn. The lady in there was very nice though and they had a ton of books! The last one I went to was a wierd hodge podge of stuff. The ladies in there were very nice too, but I found it hard to figure out what I was looking at! And nobody had what I wanted anyway. Sigh. I can’t believe I have to order one ball of yarn online!!

Anyway. I miss my local stores. Sniff.

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