For prosperity’s sake, here are my measurements for the soaker I’m currently working on:

Boo’s measurements:
waist: 18
hips: 20 1/2
rise: 17
thigh: 10

waist: 76
hips: 88
increase: 12

Increase pattern:
K6 M1 K6 M1 K7 M1 K6 M1 K6 M1 K7 M1 K7 M1 K6 M1 K6 M1 K7 M1 K6 M1 K6 M1

Most of the body is done now, and it’s onto the gusset and legs soon! Oh yah, I’m also using Blackberry Ridge Merino from Nada. I’m also making a thicker one for nighttime out of some stash yarn. Gotta love stash yarn!

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