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I just stumbled across Spun Magazine, an online knitting magazine. It appears to have some decent stuff. Not quite in the same league as Knitty, but then, not a lot is. And I realized, I don’t know a whole lot about the online world of knitting.

A google search on knitting reveals that I’m not that far out of the loop! There are blogs, yay for that, although I don’t read many. There are some magazines (Vogue I get in the mail). There are free patterns and of course, my favorite Phew. I was really worried I was missing something!

Anyway, I do like all this knitting stuff online. It’s not going to make me give up my books any time soon, but I’m all for free patterns! Now if there was only more time…

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  1. Megan Dunn says:

    Do you know about the yarn harlot? She has the best blog, in my opinion:

    You Knit What is good for a laugh:

    See you tomorrow!

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