Handmade Slings!

I made my first slings! Am very proud. And economical. Am wonderful wife and mother.

Us and my first homemade slings

The black one is made out of solarveil which is this interesting mesh-type fabric that blocks UV rays. Actually I originally wanted something just to shade the stroller. Then I thought why not kill two birds with one stone and make a sling? It could be a shade AND have other uses. More thriftiness from moi! And I am not usually thrifty so this is unusually cool of me. This sling can be used in the shower, should I get desperate, and the pool if the need should ever arise. We ARE going to Florida in October after all!

The batik sling was a bit of a splurge (the picture is messed up, got the sizing wrong, but oh well, it’s hard to take pictures of yourself!). I wanted an unpadded sling though as my padded one is too bulky to carry around and a bit hot now that it is summer. And it’s soooo pretty, I think. I mean if you’re going to wrap something around you it might as well be pretty, right? Nathan seems to like it too! He played with it after I took it off. I made the tail extra long as a coverup for nursing. I might even put a pocket at the end. Who knows where my crafty deeds may take me!

Closeup of the shoulder of the batik sling

As an aside, I used the shoulder patterns from Sleeping Baby. It works really well although if I make any more I have an improvement in mind. The solarveil sling uses the body idea from Baby Space Slings in that it’s a pouch/sling hybrid. I wanted to make sure that Boo had a better “seat” as he likes to stand up and I didn’t want him to slip out in the shower or pool! And finally, should you wish to make one of your own, I got the aluminum rings from Sling Rings.

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  1. Mrs. Flinger says:

    OHH, LA LA! Carrie!! I just got my first sling the other day. I’m totally at a loss. I wonder if I’m wearing it right…. (From a not so domestic mommy at all…)

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