Knitting Class!

Chloe’s School of Crafts has asked me to do a knitting class in April! Am psyched.

Over the next few days I have to decide what to teach, what supplies I need, where to get them, and how much everything will cost. I have to write up instructions too.

Chloe said one lady in particular wanted to do a triangle scarf. This is probably a good first project unless the yarns are too tricky. Have to think about that. Could have the option of doing a triangle or a normal rectangle (i.e. one of my floozies).

What would be really super cool would be a class to make an afghan where every class you learn a different stitch and make a square. Then at the end you’d have enough squares for an afghan. This would be really cool for me because frankly I don’t know that many stitches but it would be fun to learn!

So, must think about class options. What would you want to learn? Hmm hmm hmm.

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4 Responses to Knitting Class!

  1. eek says:

    *I* would like to learn those simple wristbands in the Stitch & Bitch book.

    But I dunno if Chloe’s clients are like-minded.

    Also, a cylindrical pencil case would be cool.

    Laptop cozy?

  2. Carrie says:

    I like your style! I actually think a felted pencil case/laptop cozy would be lovely. That would be fun to make.

    Actually what would be best would be a weekly class where you just work on the project of your choice but then who would pay for something like that? We can do that on our own 🙂

  3. keith says:

    hey girl! congrats! how exciting! my vote in on the afghan… that sounds like a great idea… you could accomplish something each week, and then have a “real” project completed at the end! you are the smartest!

  4. Seuss says:

    I think the afghan idea sounds terrific! I also like the laptop cozy idea.

    Of course, I’d also just like to learn to do something other than a straight knit stitch and a straight perl stitch.

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