Project Baby Book

Nathan’s baby book is, predictably, a scrapbook. I’m basically doing month by month highlights with some of the obligatory info, like first bath, family tree, first haircut, etc.

I got into scrapbooking when my friend Keith invited me to a party and I brought some London photos that I needed to do something with. The London scrapbook is still not complete, by the way. No surprises there. I like scrapbooking, though. I’m a self-loathing horder, and I like creating order with the stacks of stuff and chucking all that does not make it into the scrapbook. I’ve moved enough that I’m into having less crap to move. I don’t really do the cutsey scrapbooking, at least I don’t think I do. I also have been reluctant to “journal” as it’s called in the trade, as I hate my handwriting. So Nathan’s scrapbook is a test in remaining a tasteful person but also including my own handwriting.

Also unsurprisingly, I am behind as I just finished his third month page. One reason I’m so behind is that I recently went to a Creative Memories party (think Pampered Chef for scrapbooking junkies) and I obviously had to wait for my new paraphernalia, and I do mean in a druggie sort of way, to arrive.

The creative memories party in and of itself was useless. Don’t go to one unless you already know the consultant is really cool. Cuz this lady, bless her, pretty much read from the catalog and had us make a snowman. For this, I paid ten dollars. It’s like going to a Pampered Chef party and paying for the food you ate that was part of the demonstration. I was not impressed and had I known that to begin with I doubt I would have gone. However, playing with the tools was good and I got some good stash. Plus she gave us scissors and some other bits and bobs which probably amounts to ten bucks so I suppose we are even.

Tonight I used *drumroll* a Rounded Corner Making Tool! I know, silly thing to be excited about. But it looks so nice. Do you have any idea how hard it is to create decent rounded corners by hand that match? So Month Three has rounded corners. Hurrah! I also got some nice pens, a heart and circle cutout thingymajiggy, and some other stuff; those are just my favorites. Sadly I now need a square cutout thingymajiggy, but it wasn’t in the budget. However, this is a new month. Trip to the scrapbooking store, anyone?

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